SPMI Document

The internal quality assurance system also known as SPMI is a systemic activity of quality assurance of higher education by each tertiary institution autonomously to control and improve the implementation of higher education in a planned and sustainable manner.

1SPMI Guidelines BookBUKU PEDOMAN SPMI 2018download
2Academic Policy Book1. BUKU KEBIJAKAN AKADEMIK UPNVJTdownload
3SPMI Policy Book2. BUKU KEBIJAKAN SPMI UPNVJT 2023download
4SPMI Manual Book3. Manual Mutu SPMI 2023download
5Academic Higher Education Standard Book4. BUKU SPT AKADEMIK UPNVJT 2023download
6SPMI Form – November Edition5. BUKU FORMULIR SPMI_edisi revisi NOP 2020download
7Internal Quality Audit Manual Book6. BUKU PEDOMAN AMI UPNVJTdownload